Xaxis Talks Erotic Hypnosis, Its Risks And Rewards With Author Michael Scott

We talk to noted erotic hypnosis expert Michael Scott about this quickly growing fetish, its incredible effects and inherent dangers.

The last decade has seen a rise in the use of Erotic Hypnosis for added excitement in intimate relationships and, more recently, in more dangerous situations such as rape and abduction. National attention was brought to focus on erotic hypnosis recently through the prosecution of Ohio attorney Michael Fine for multiple counts of “hypno-rape” against a still growing number of victims, some allegedly as young as 14, others well into their 30’s [see below for links to major articles and people referenced in this interview].
Fine’s prosecution – and 12 year sentence – create new questions regarding sexual consent, the scope of rape, and the dangers of a fetish subset which, until recently, was deep underground.
Xaxis spoke with noted Erotic Hypnosis expert Michael Scott, one of the creators of the Relyfe Programming school of hypnotherapy, who shared his thoughts on Erotic Hypnosis, its dangers and utility in intimate relationships. He is the author of the groundbreaking book Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and Relyfe Programming, and is a regular contributor to the annualized work, The Practice of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.
Be warned, some of the language below is, of necessity, graphic in nature.
XAX: Mr. Scott, you have worked with erotic hypnosis for nearly than 30 years, how did you get started?
SCOTT: I was studying the works of Dr. Milton Erickson, MD, widely regarded as the father of modern hypnotherapy. His work with biological response control fascinated me. Using hypnosis, Dr. Erickson established the ability to expand and contract blood vessels in his subjects, producing hot and cold sensations; the ability to create, and dispel, phantom stimulation such as a slap on the wrist, or a pinch on the arm, simply by saying a word to his subjects; and, the ability to redirect sensation so that, for instance, rubbing a person’s palm produced the same feeling [the rub] on the subject’s leg.
It seemed to me that this could be of enormous use in love play. Imagine being a lover who can suddenly have a hundred hands, or having a lover who feels your caresses, pinches and rubs not just on her nipples where your hands are, but also on her clitoris, and even inside her. The effects are dramatic!
XAX: So you began experimenting?
SCOTT: Yes, first with my lover of the time and then helped friends do the same, and then later with members of the Bondage – BDSM and Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender community. The BDSM and GLBT communities have really embraced Relyfe Programming and erotic hypnosis.
XAX: We’ll come back to erotic hypnosis in a moment, tell us about Relyfe Programming.
SCOTT: Relyfe Programming was developed to act as first aid for emotional and psychological problems. While it has been used to provide long term solutions for such troubles, its main utility is as critical care for people in true crisis, stopping the emotional bleeding for until such a time as their underlying issues can be addressed by a professional.
XAX: How does that work?
SCOTT: Using the techniques we developed, the subject or patient’s perceptions of themselves, or the cause of their internal suffering, is either redirected or completely altered. Relyfe allow the practitioner to reach back into the person’s life and alter the totality of their life experiences related to the pain in question, changing how they perceive the problem and/or how their mind and body react to it.

Emotional and psychological pain and suffering are almost always the result of persistent memory and perception. Those things can universally be changed.
XAX: What kinds of crises has Relyfe been used with?
SCOTT: Wow. Broad question. Relyfe has effectively stopped self-mutilators from cutting and burning themselves, has arrested severe cases of anorexia, allowing anorexics to perceive their bodies as others do, instead of the way that they do. We’ve worked with bulimics, people suffering from the traumatic loss of a loved one, burn victims, rape victims, gun shot victims and agoraphobics. The applications of Relyfe Programming are as endless as the scope of human suffering.
XAX: And treatment is effective?
SCOTT: Treatment is the wrong word. Whatever else the Relyfe practitioner may be doing, the purpose of sessions in which it is used is limited: Stop the suffering, stop any dangerous pain or behavior until the cause can be addressed and eliminated. Relyfe is SOMETIMES used for the second part, but it was designed not for treatment but for critical care.
XAX: If it permanently stops the pain, what’s the difference between that and treatment?
SCOTT: Let me give you an example: A self-mutilator I worked with had grown up with loveless parents. The only person who cherished her was an older brother.
When she was 11 he died in in the U.S. Army action in Iraq.
Her parents response to his death was 1. to cash the government death benefit check and take themselves – not her – on vacation and, 2. to tell her that he should have expected to die when he was stupid enough to join the Army and they didn’t want to hear her crying over it.
The beloved sister of this American soldier had no one to help her with her grief, no one to share it with.
By the time she was 18 she was cutting herself, first on her arms and then in places she could hide, to express the pain bottled up inside her. To feel the hurt and suffering she needed to feel and wasn’t allowed to otherwise. She wanted to stop, but she couldn’t.
When she was 22 it took one session to identify the reason she cut herself (she didn’t know what it was) and in that same session to create a program that would make cutting herself impossible.
What I couldn’t do in that one session, was address the pain of growing up in a nearly loveless environment, of losing her cherished brother, not being able to say good bye to him, and of being belittled for her pain by the people who should be grieving with her.
If she didn’t pursue treatment, therapy from an experienced professional, her deep suffering would inevitably express itself in some new – and potentially more dangerous – way.
For pain sufferers Relyfe Programming provides crisis care for the soul, but therapy provides cures.
XAX: How effective is it?
SCOTT: Hard question because we haven’t seen a major study done into its efficacy. I will say this: I have never encountered anyone who would let me in who couldn’t be helped, who didn’t respond to a Relyfe program.
XAX: Let you in?
SCOTT: I mean anyone who would let me sit down with them and put them into a trance. Once there the work can be done.
XAX: Even when there is resistance?
SCOTT: Dr. Erickson mastered the art of indirect suggestion. If you practice at it you can get around just about any resistance. The hardest thing to get around are chemical problems in the brain when seeking long term cures, which is why professional treatment and care can be so important. I can safely reframe or even eliminate a symptom, but to address any deep underlying issue, to eliminate the pressure so to speak, may well take the involved efforts of a licensed professional or, as I mentioned before, the pressures will likely find new ways to manifest themselves.
Relyfe Programming may well be a part of the final cure as well, because it – like any process that changes a person’s thinking habits – is a powerful took for making lasting personality and physiological changes.
XAX: So, it’s like the behavioral psychology that makes new neural pathways in the brain? Like making a new computer circuit?
SCOTT: Exactly. Neurologists have proven that behavioral psychologists can produce new thought patterns for patients, ones represented by new neural pathway being created, but it takes time. Relyfe Programming produces the same result immediately, not by making a new circuit like the psychologists do, but rather by changing the software, the programming, of the mind. Eventually this results in new physical pathways, new circuits, but for the time being it acts like getting a new patch for an App or a program you downloaded that has problems. Good example!
XAX: How does work in intimate relationships? How do hypnosis and Relyfe Programming express themselves into sex?
SCOTT: Hypnosis lets partners explore a lover’s body and mind in ways not available before. Everything from reproducing the same mind-altering effects that the drug Ecstasy does during love play, without ever taking the drug, to creating uncontrollable arousal and orgasms on demand. It can be used to eliminate inhibition and increase acceptance in ways never before possible for most people.
XAX: But it has a darker side, doesn’t it.
SCOTT: To be honest, it can, when it’s abused.
XAX: No long ago, your work Pillow Talk was lionized by a reviewer who called it a Date Rape manual. Several of your adherents responded vigorously in your favor. Tell us about that.
SCOTT: The reviewer based complaint on a misconception: That erotic hypnosis and Relyfe Programming are intended to be used on unwilling and/or uninformed subjects, forcing them to submit to sex advances they would otherwise reject out of hand. She called it a date rape manual because she confused what I seek to teach with the darker aspects of conversational hypnosis, which I do not.
XAX: Those aspects could be inferred, even worked out by reading Pillow Talk, couldn’t they?
SCOTT: Yes, to be honest, they could, but the book wasn’t written with that intention any more than makers of granulated sugar manufacture it with the intent that people make oxygen/sugar bombs with it. Mixed with pure oxygen, every kilogram of granulated sugar releases 16.7 million joules of energy, roughly 8 sticks of dynamite. I have yet to read a case where a criminal has taken advantage of a fact that every college student learns in Chemistry 101. Just because knowledge is common doesn’t mean that people will misuse it.
XAX: But someone has taken advantage of Pillow Talk, hasn’t he? The Ohio Attorney, can you tell us about that?
SCOTT: In 2016, an attorney living in Northern Ohio was indicted and subsequently convicted for using hypnosis with various women, mostly clients, to stimulate them sexually. Most of the records in the case are sealed.
There is a parallel civil case where many of the women are suing him.
He was sentenced late last year to 12 years in state prison.
XAX: And he used erotic hypnosis and Relyfe Programming?
SCOTT: Rather sloppy erotic hypnosis, actually.
I’ve had the opportunity to review several of the court documents. I am not free to speak to what’s been sealed, but in the public documents, including the Ohio Bar complaint, there is an affidavit from the whistle blowing victim detailing the last of their encounters. Mr. Fine had induced hypnotic amnesia in each of his victims so that they didn’t remember the sexual nature of their encounters, but they did notice the later physiological after-effects of sex and sexual arousal. Those can be hard to miss.
Mr. Fine’s technique was sloppy, at best, but he was nonetheless effective. Most of the women knew something was wrong, but they couldn’t think about it and didn’t remember what had happened.
XAX: The news stories show that local law enforcement was incredulous at first. Any thoughts about that?
SCOTT: Well, you have to admit that the accusation was bizarre, a woman comes in and says, “I think my lawyer is hypnotizing me to have sex with him…” and the detectives first thought is, “I’d get another lawyer if I were you.”
XAX: Sounds insensitive.
SCOTT: Perhaps, but I’d give the detectives the benefit of the doubt. The man was a respected local attorney, well known in the community. The woman’s allegation was initially unsupported and to be honest was for an unknown crime, was the semantic equivalent of, “space aliens probe me when I visit with them.”
Ultimately, I think the police department did an exceptional job putting together the case and the man, again a highly effective attorney, was sentenced to an extended prison term.
XAX: Don’t you think the officers could have been a little more… professional initially.
SCOTT: Possibly, but I suspect that the response from even the most seasoned of rape counselors would have been much the same. It’s a matter of commonly held misconceptions, the most prevalent of which is that a person in “a hypnotic trance cannot be made to do anything that they wouldn’t do anyway if they were conscious.”
With that in mind, the response by the police officers, incredulity, can be take in perspective.
XAX: Is that a misconception? That a person in a hypnotic trance cannot be made to do something contract to their nature? Most people believe that.
SCOTT: Which is why it’s a misconception. Look, I can’t say that everyone in a trance – or for that matter out of a trance in response to a post-hypnotic suggestion – can be made to do something against their natures, but the evidence suggests it, and even if that can’t happen directly, an experienced and nefarious hypnotist can probably work his way around any mental reservations or inhibitions un unsuspecting person might have.
XAX: What evidence are you talking about?
SCOTT: Well, there were a dozen or so studies done in the 1950’s, both by universities and by the United States military complex, but those aren’t readily available [it turns out that through the Freedom of Information Act most of them are – XAX] but the results are. Take a look at the testimony of the psychiatrist in Sirhan Sirhan’s recent case seeking release in Federal District Court. He, a licensed, highly trained medical doctor and psychiatrist, working on behalf of the United States offered testimony to a federal judge that people COULD be made to do anything by a sufficiently skilled hypnotist.
Also, consider that memories recovered in hypnosis sessions are not admissible in court. No matter how certain the witness is, they have to be excluded because any half-decent hypnotist can create very real confabulated memories all day long. With time that half-decent hypnotist can change an entire personality just by changing the way the person remembers he or she reacts to things. Personality is all about how you interact with people.
Back on the subject of evidence, take the case of Attorney Michael Fine, not one single woman came forward saying that she remembered the sex acts, she was told not to and she didn’t. They had all had them, but couldn’t remember them because the post-hypnotic suggestion not to held strong against any interference.
Believe me, while SOME of them may have wanted to forget, it’s improbable – bordering on impossible – that it was in the nature of most, let alone all of them, to forget being sexually assaulted by their lawyer. They were made to do things against their will, then were made to forget them, clearly contrary to their natures. Why they may want to, it is in no woman’s nature to forget being sexually assaulted.
I’ve seen Michael Fine, and I have reviewed much of the case material, I find it hard to believe that women simply threw themselves at him uncontrollably because, deep in their hearts, they secretly wanted to.
XAX: Wow. The implications are staggering.
SCOTT: More than you know. The State of Ohio’s decision to prosecute based on a theory of “The untrained hypnotist made me do it” leaves rapists and other violent criminals open to a defense of “An untrained hypnotist made me do it”.
You scoff, but I have some experience in these matters, and the government can’t have it both ways. If the state is going to claim that even an untrained hypnotist can easily overcome the will of countless women, forcing them to first engage in sexual experiences with him and then forget them, then the courts have to accept as a defense the flip side of that coin, that even untrained hypnotists can coerce an otherwise harmless person into committing crimes against what would be their true nature, against their wills.
In that case, the court would have to find there was no mens rea, no will to commit the crime and, in most cases, this could result in an acquittal.
XAX: That’s right, you worked in federal criminal defense for a time.
SCOTT: I did, but only on the paperwork side of things. I am not an attorney and have never practiced in open court, but I have had my fair share of wins on appeal and post-conviction challenges.
XAX: Earlier you said that a skilled hypnotist could manage a “work around” of someone’s nature. What did you mean by that?
SCOTT: Hmm, okay. Say for instance you want Brenda to kill her boss. To shoot him. You have access to Brenda, can get her in a trance. In the trance you introduce her to the gun, a single action revolver, without any bullets in it. You show her how it works: It’s heavy, it’s metal. When she pulls the trigger it just goes “click”.
Then you create a few confabulated memories. One in which she remembers her boss likes guns, one in which he’s screwing around and points his guns at people, including her, and shouts BANG!! Ones in which she has in the past, as a beloved prank, she pulled out the gun you handed her and pointed it at her boss, pulled the trigger and shouted BANG!! Nothing happened, everyone laughed and boss may have even – depending on Brenda’s personality, hugged her while laughing.
With a couple of sessions and a lot of direct and indirect suggestions all of the memories would be real, and then you send her back to work one day with the gun she’s familiar with not working in her purse to do it again.
Give her a deep uncontrollable need to do it, a compulsion and a desire for the laughter and attention it causes, a certainty that the gun WON’T fire because it never has in the past, couple this with her familiarity with the feel of the weapon, its weight and pulling the trigger at you a half dozen times without anything happening; do all this and Brenda’s boss is likely to be pushing up daisies before the day is through.
In Brenda’s case, you don’t even have to overcome her nature, her need not to kill her boss. You simply build a few confabulated memories, put them firmly in her experience base, and the only thing you may have to “overcome” is a slight aversion to practical jokes, if she has one.
Heck, if the hypnotist had 10 sessions with her it could be flawless, and honestly it could probably be done in 3 or less long sessions across 2 to 3 weeks even without something potent like Relyfe techniques.
Unfortunately, this sort of thing can work.
It would be even easier to get her to put a fatal toxin in his coffee or soda. That could be done in one session, with her remembering that this is exactly what he likes in his coffee.
XAX: I have to ask, why 2 to 3 weeks for the gun? Why not three days in a row so you get it over with?
SCOTT: Whenever your target is a deep lasting change, it’s best to let the chemical memory, which forms immediately during a session, have time to become physical memory. That takes 2-3 days in most people, sometimes a little longer. Then you want it to fix itself in her memory, so give it a little extra time.
This is important for any lasting change with regular hypnosis, especially when, as in this case, the subject is being told that they won’t consciously be able to remember any of the details of their sessions, but that the changes that are being made, and the memories they are “now recalling accurately”, will be as readily available to them, or even more so, than every other memory and experience they have had.
XAX: Why is it that the psychiatric community claims that people cannot be made to do anything against their nature?
SCOTT: Another tough question, I have a couple of theories. The first thing I suspect is that so few psychiatrists actually use hypnosis as a part of their practices that they don’t really understand its scope. Few have real training in it and, of those who do, many get discouraged the first time they encounter a difficult subject.
Being a truly successful hypnotist or hypnotherapist requires an ability to think around a person’s resistance to the changes you want. Nearly every hypnotherapist uses hypnosis for data mining, finding out things about their subject that the subject is not consciously aware of. Because they don’t know what the subject is going to say in response to their initial questions they ad lib their sessions, winging it until the end.
Really accomplished intuitive and bright therapists can ad lib their ways to effective healing suggestions and commands as they are data mining.
The rest of us, those hypnotists who are not in the creative genius 1%, should take a break with the subject, carefully make notes about what changes we want to make, what suggestions or compulsions need to be put in place, and then put the subject back into his or her trance, putting those suggestions into effect.
Sloppy work, a lack of preparedness, is the reason for most failures in hypnotherapy.
Because sloppy practitioners offer suggestions that aren’t well thought out, aren’t put in place properly, they fade in a few days or weeks. Because they aren’t put into place properly, the subject resists them and they fade before they become a permanent part of the person’s psyche.
Another reason that this concept is so prevalent is time. Psychiatrists often are limited on how much time they can spend with a subject. Typically 45-50 minutes of an hour long session. This is caused by both monetary concerns set by professionals and insurance companies and by patients who want their practitioners to wave a magic wand and change things miraculously NOW!
Good hypnosis requires time. A couple of sessions in a single day of an hour or more. Or one long 2-3 hour session always seemed to work better for me to cause lasting change. People are too rushed trying to build their changes and then don’t understand why the house they made of sticks blew over when the first emotional hurricane came along.
A BIG reason, one that I have seen in play more than once, is that a great many of the the good competent professionals just do not want the public at large to understand just how dangerous hypnosis can truly be in the hands of a skilled practitioner.
In the two years after I wrote Pillow Talk I answered more than a thousand emails with questions from readers from all walks of life. Practitioners made up about a third of the commentators and information seekers I heard from. Of those, at least 1 in 5 criticized me for writing the book. Many took a moment to blast Peter Master’s classic Look Into My Eyes, but most wanted to burn me in effigy. Most of their objections can be summed up as, “People are going to take this book and go out there and change each other’s minds without our help!!”
That didn’t really offend me.
I may be naive, but I don’t expect anyone to take Pillow Talk and commit crimes with it.
XAX: But there is Michael Fine.
SCOTT: Yes, there is Michael Fine. Despite the rumors that were flying around, I reviewed every document available in that case and I cannot find a scintilla of evidence to support the allegation that he was a Relyfe Programming practitioner or that he had read Pillow Talk. In the past people have taught classes in and taught conversational hypnosis for legal practitioners. I have trained one myself.
Any half competent hypnotist could have done what Fine did. His hypnotic amnesia WAS particularly effective and it may have been Relyfe Programmed, but I find it unlikely.
XAX: How many copies of Pillow Talk have been sold so far?
SCOTT: That’s actually a matter open to some dispute. The original publisher, Blue Deck Press, did three separate press runs before the company went to immediate distributor fulfillment. At the same time that happened international sales opened up and the first translated copies sold. The reports get a little muddled because many of the copies sold went to groups and clubs and associations for internal use or special event resale.
My best guess is that between 50,000 and 65,000 copies have been sold, making it the best selling work on Erotic Hypnosis to date. Immediate distributor fulfillment copies alone are over 10,000 and, again, the bulk of our copies sold went as… well as bulk sales.
XAX: Pillow Talk is nearly a decade old now, do you have anything else in the works?
SCOTT: I have two books in the pipeline now, the first is a revised edition of Pillow Talk, which is scheduled to go on sale at the end of the summer. The second will be the long awaited Big Book of Erotic Hypnosis Scripts, which is in preproduction and is slated for release later this year. Excellent Christmas present for lovers in 2018!
XAX: How is Pillow Talk being revised?
SCOTT: In two ways. First, I reworked the entirety of the book from front to back and greatly expanded the section on Relyfe Programming.
When I wrote the book I did so with the belief that the main interest would be in sexual hypnosis and was truly surprised by the number of practitioners purchased Pillow Talk because they were interested in the therapeutic aspects of Relyfe Programming. The initial work was, is, geared toward sex and hypnosis in sex.
To be honest, the book was rushed into production because Blue Deck had put out feelers once I had committed to the project and preorders racked up to an insane level before I had finished the second chapter.
Next, I have added new chapters, an appendix and several new hypnosis scripts for people to use with their lovers. Finally, I eliminated the references to websites that no longer exist and provided others, and added in my own email address so that people can reach me with questions, suggestions, criticisms and requests.
XAX: We’re going to list your new public email address at the end of this article. Do you really respond to people regularly.
SCOTT: I do, but my personal situation causes some delays at times. If you email me, you will hear back from me, but it might take anywhere from a day to a month or more, especially if I am in the middle of a project.
I will, however, immediately answer any request I receive for emergency help with hypnosis gone awry. There ARE malicious people out there leaving people with dangerous, even harmful post-hypnotic suggestions, or even Relyfe Programs (one girl had an irresistible urge to completely lose bladder control every time she was nervous that an idiot ex-boyfriend put in place as a parting shot before he broke up with her, you can imagine what that did to her at work and in her social life).
Understand, though, that immediately may still be several days. In those emergency cases, I will give the person reaching out to me a separate email system to make sure that they can communicate promptly. I may, depending on the problem, refer them to a local hypnotist or hypnotherapist… there are some malicious people out there who do real harm.
When Pillow Talk was published with a way to get in touch with me, I quickly found people needing help emailing asking that I fix this or that little trick someone else had left them with.
One of my favorite quickie erotic hypnosis websites is EMG’s WarpMyMind.com. He has a few “curse” audio files on there, for instance one which causes the listener to need to have her breasts rubbed or scratched at irregular intervals, by someone other than herself. But he, unlike more wicked people, tells the person at the beginning of each file what it intends to do, and then if they listen, the decision was their own.
XAX: Let’s get back to people who find themselves charged with hypno-related crimes. Any advice there?
SCOTT: Well, I am all about personal responsibility. If you screw up, or worse if you hurt someone, it’s your responsibility to do what you can to make it right, even when that may hurt you. I’m not saying confess to your crimes the moment someone asks you about them, but I am saying get competent legal help, do what you can to make it right.
If you are innocent, though, it’s a different story. There was an article in the paper a few years back where a woman accused her psychiatrist of assaulting her sexually while she was in a trance. She had bruises on her breasts and used them to convince the police. They arrested the doctor. Mistake.
The doc’s office was in a reasonably high crime area and he had camera’s in his lobby. For accuracy’s sake in his medical notes he always recorded the entirety of his sessions with his patients and he had recordings of all 8 or so of her sessions. She wasn’t ever in a trance except for the first session, months earlier, and the uninterrupted digital video footage from his records showed that she was only in the office times corresponding with his audio recordings of sessions.
She later admitted she and her boyfriend were trying to set him up for a malpractice case.
If you are innocent, if you are unjustly accused – even if you are justly accused – find good, competent counsel. Attorneys can be expensive. Don’t settle for the guy with the best internet or yellow pages ad. Go ask a few lawyers who they would want defending their children if they were in trouble.
If you are charged by the state, remember the adage that a good lawyer knows the law, but a great lawyer knows the judge. That often proves to be the truth.
If you are charged by the feds, find good trial lawyers. Federal cases, even the unjust ones, are VERY hard to beat, and only when you have lawyers who the government knows are willing to take the case to trial – and could win it there – are you likely to get justice.
Our government, for all of the good it often does, HATES to lose, and its employees are often pathologically incapable of admitting to a mistake. Keep that in mind.
XAX: Who would YOU go to if you were in trouble?
SCOTT: God, and then remembering that the Lord helps those who help themselves I would call legal consultant Tom Root, who holds a Juris Doctorate from Ohio State and who initially made a name for himself practicing law in the most cutthroat legal environment on Earth, Washington, D.C. He’s the best person anywhere in the country that I know in federal criminal proceedings, for any kind of crime. Tom won’t represent you himself – he write in post-conviction work and pleadings for attorneys anywhere in the country – but he will consult and help you find and guide the best lawyers in the country for you.
XAX: There have to be a lot of Tom Roots practicing law.
SCOTT: He doesn’t actually practice any more, he’s the preverbal Ghost in the Machine. He writes pleadings, guides attorneys everywhere in federal – and Ohio -criminal law matters, writes federal appeals and demonstrates the highest levels of accessibility and integrity, something I find to be severely absent in many criminal lawyers. Tom’s group website is http://www.Lisa-LegalInfo.com, and he can be reached at TLRoot@Lisa-LegalInfo.com. He offers a free weekly federal criminal newsletter on his site that’s about the best in the business, and federal inmates can receive it by email.
XAX: What about trial lawyers?
SCOTT: You sound worried [laughs]! Hmm, in federal court anywhere, I’d call Sam Weiner in Columbus, Ohio. Hang on… it’s [see below for law firm information mentioned in this article]. Sam is probably the attorney I trust most in the world to handle complex cases and is tied only with Steve Nolder of the Nolder-Scott firm. Attorney Joe Scott teaches law at Ohio State University and is a heavy hitter, and Steve just plain oozes competence. Oh, and Keith and Karl Schneider at Maguire & Schneider in Columbus. I don’t have their information handy, but they’re on Civic Center Drive in Columbus and I trust those guys implicitly.
XAX: Mr. Scott, XAXIS wants to thank you for making time for us today.
Michael Scott’s seminal work, Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming can be found in paperback or Kindle versions through his author’s page is http://www.amazon.com/author/mikescott
Later this week Xaxis will be profiling a the bizarre criminal prosecutions of Glenn Marcus and Rodney Goodwin, polar opposites, the first indicted and sentenced and then acquitted for doing clearly the wrong thing, the second indicted and sentenced for doing the right thing.
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