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In the course of normal erotic hypnosis one of two things usually happens, either the subject is put in a trance and taken through an erotic encounter/fantasy, or the subject is given a set of commands that are supposed to change behavior (creating or reinforcing desired traits). Sometimes this is accomplished through placing triggers in the subject’s subconscious or more commonly by just telling him or her that he or she will act or feel a certain way. The effects of this type of hypnosis are often short-lived and are effective with that portion of the population which is could be considered good hypnotic subjects from the start.

Additionally, normal forays into erotic hypnosis can create real problems in subjects. The dabblers are often untrained (because any idiot can learn to hypnotize in 15 minutes watching YouTube) and aren’t ready, or even inclined, to consider the impact that having access to the deeper levels of a person’s psyche can have on that person’s mental and emotional health. Most erotic hypnotists are hacks. Comparing them to competent hypnotists is like calling a person who can use Macros in Microsoft Word a computer programmer. They may be able to manipulate the machine of the mind, but when the system reboots itself, their program has to be constantly reopened by the user to work.

Relyfe Programming is something different. In Relyfe (pronounced “relief” believe it or not) the subject’s entire persona is changed. Based primarily on the non-erotic work of Dr. Milton Erickson (the father of modern hypnotherapy arguably the most effective mind-control practitioner in history), Relyfe changes the subjects personality and psycho-sexual needs from the ground up. Ericksonian permissive techniques allow the programmer to bring about the desired changes with the subject doing most of the work herself.*

Relyfe’s creator  has practiced hypnosis to help people with chronic pain for nearly 25 years.

A properly developed Relyfe program will change the subject’s perceptions to help her “remember” that the kinds of traits the programmer desires. Practically everyone who lives has had experiences which can be bonded to any kind of sexual inclination. Those memories can be brought to the surface using Relyfe techniques and then made into the dominant ones. A Reflye subject becomes “freed” from the constraints of other, less desired traits, and, if the programmer so chooses, the subject becomes addicted to the things the programmer cares about. Relyfe programming links the subject’s fears and insecurities to disappointing the programmer, the programmer can even go so far as to create real, functional, phobia’s about this. Disturbing, but true. The effects are that deep.

The normal tricks of erotic hypnosis, orgasm on command, instant arousal, sex toy mindset, etc., are all available to the Relyfe programmer, but with Relyfe Programming their effects are lasting, permanent, triggers and reactions reinforcing themselves automatically, unconsciously, growing in strength and permanence every day.

Relyfe techniques have been used for lasting gender re-orientation techniques, perfecting control over true chronic pain and to end, really end, drug addiction. They are effective and permanent.

I doubted the efficacy of Relyfe methods, challenged their creator, and I have to admit, I was surprised and impressed with the outcome.

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