New Erotic Hypnosis – Relyfe Programming Files Released on has just released new erotic hypnosis Relyfe Programming MP3 file sets created by Michael Scott, award winning author of the groundbreaking book Pillow Talk: A Comprehensive Guide to Erotic Hypnosis & Relyfe Programming.


Mr. Scott’s works include Erotic Hypnosis MP3s geared toward erotic mind control, fetish play (BDSM, etc.), inducing sexual obsession, as well as addressing problems like inability to orgasm (in women) or erectile dysfunction (in men).

Xaxis is pleased and proud to be able to offer Mr. Scott’s books in conjunction with and Blue Deck Press, and is doubly proud to be the exclusive source for erotic Relyfe Programming hypnosis files.

Blue Deck Press Launches

Ohio Based Blue Deck Press owner announced today the activation of as an outlet for instant digital downloads of all Xaxis and Blue Deck Press publications and audio files.

Xaxis Classic Books, new fiction, legal reference, Relyfe Programming MP3s and more are now available.

Though the site is now live, the majority of Xaxis and Blue Deck products will not be available until after April 10, 2018.

Xaxis invites visitors to the site to enjoy a temporary, activation, discount of 10% off all purchases using the discount code “Xaxis” at the time of checkout.  The code will be valid until December 25, 2020 on all Xaxis Books products!

While all Xaxis and Blue Deck Books are also available in paperback through, Barnes & Noble and bookstores around the country, is the exclusive source for our audio downloads, to include audio books and Michael Scott’s Relyfe and Erotic Hypnosis MP3s.

Visit today!

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